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Woman strips off her bra to kill a man

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21 August 2012


Young woman strips off to her bra to kill a man in Siberia. Picture posed by a model

'It was the evening of 26 July and the young woman with her boyfriend were both drunk,' explained a statement from the regional Investigative Committee in Buryatia.

'They came to their neighbour to ask for some money. The 65 year old man refused to give money and said that they needed to live in a less debauched way. 

'The young woman then hit him several times, and kicked him on the bed, clutching her hands around his throat. 

'She then took her bra off, and looped it around the man's neck. The elderly man died. The couple ran away. 

'The girls's boyfriend has been standing by her side all the time she was been murdering the neighbour.'

The woman, whose name was not released, is from the city of Zakamensk.

It was unclear why there was a delay in announcing details of the incident. A murder case has begun. 


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So this is what happens!

Just goes to show that whatever is read nowadays its just so much of all this or more, its sudden to say
Phillip Wand, Des Plaines
07/05/2018 01:08

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