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Women’s American Football team in Vladivostok accused of vulgarity after daring photoshoot

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14 February 2018


'Every day we fight. We fight not just with each other, but with public opinion.' Picture: Vladivostok Orcas

The newly-created Vladivostok ‘Orcas' are accused of ‘defeminising’ women with a shoot to promote the sport on the Pacific coast of Russia. 

Their underwear shoot is far from an original idea but it seems to have stirred up more anger and emotion than most. 

The aim was to invite more players to sign up for the Orcas.

'Every day we fight. We fight not just with each other, but with public opinion,' says their message on social media. 

Hot Orcas

Hot Orcas

Hot Orcas

Their underwear shoot is far from an original idea but it seems to have stirred up more anger and emotion than most. Pictures: Vladivostok Orcas

'We tear not only each other's T-shirts, but publicly accepted and acclaimed beauty standards. 

'We believe that American football is beautiful. 

'We support each other, we cry and laugh together…..join us.'

Their first game was against the well-established Cobras from Khabarovsk in June 2017, and it attracted a crowd of 300.

Hot Orcas

Hot Orcas

Hot Orcas

Hot Orcas

'We support each other, we cry and laugh together…..join us.' Pictures: Vladivostok Orcas

But they were hit by a wave of criticism notably from women. 

Svetlana Kulesh wrote: ’It’s good they are breaking stereotypes, but did they really have to get into their undies for this shoot?’

Yulia Ukhman complained: 'They look nothing like American football! 

'I live in America and go watch it every year. I don’t even know how to name this cheap art!'

Hot Orcas

Hot Orcas

Hot Orcas

They were hit by a wave of criticism notably from women. Picture: Vladivostok Orcas

Lyudmila Yevtushenko complained: 'This is a complete degradation of taste and ethics. 

'They downgrade the classical image of a female.’

One man, Roman, asked: 'Why such cheap-looking underwear?’ 

Inga told them: ‘It looks more like pornography.’

But there was support for them from Oksana Skorobogatko: 'Good first shoot girls! Next session will be better. 

'And to those scared to bare their own bodies in splendid underwear, I wish you were a bit more loyal and calm.'

Wild Pandas

Rugby boys from Wild Pandas made their own version. Picture: Wild Pandas

But the women footballers also won support from the Wild Pandas rugby team, also from Vladivostok.

Captain Roman Fatyanov said: 'We saw that there was an ambiguous reaction to the photoshoot of our girls in the 'Vladivostok Orcas'.'

So the rugby boys made their own version...

Comments (14)

It’s all in good fun
Best to enjoy life
Oh and some of those rugby boys look like future Toronto Argonauts
Mike, Ste Anne Canada
21/08/2020 21:51
Frankly, why should anyone even care? Why should they evoke any kind of emotion. Let people do what they wish if it amuses them and doesn't harm another person. I admit, looking at the pictures was disconcerting, but only because I wasn't used to seeing anything like them.
Lana Lorenzen, St. George, UT USA
04/07/2020 03:16
I'm a pilot who is not offended by everything, but nobody even mentioned that one of them is a dude.
Sully Sullenberger, PoundTown, NH
24/01/2020 17:54
Don't do it Siberia ! This kind of junk culture leads to degradation and Chaos. It's mind cancer . Your doing just fine the way you are .
Theodore Martin, Sioux falls USA
10/03/2019 18:25
O Capitão Roman Fatyanov disse bem. "There was an ambiguous reaction..." Não vejo nada nessas fotos que desvalorizem essas jogadoras. Procurem ver as fotos do carnaval brasileiro que vocês irão achar essas mulheres bem conservadoras. É uma forma de promover o esporte de maneira descontraída e alegre. Há coisas muito piores na Web com relação às mulheres.
Natercio Inacio da Silva, Guaratuba - Pr. Brazil
03/07/2018 18:34
yes - don't prevent female activities!
James Lyn, austria
12/05/2018 15:59
Keep playing American football It means women are great Too many think they cant but they Can because they are strong Help them to achieve equality Everyone deserves the best No-one should be shunned No-one Owns Women
Al Jeffery, Syria
12/05/2018 15:32
Keep playing
International fotball.
Try to
No-one should stop your joy.
Al Jeffery, Syria
12/05/2018 15:27
Let's take a look at the article and photos called, "Siberians mark end of the snow season with swimsuit skiing day"...which can be found directly below these comments in the "Voice of Siberia" section. What is good for the goose is good for the gander.... or so they say.
Doc, US
20/02/2018 09:03
God! You'd think it was the end of the world. The girls are beautiful and just trying to promote their sport. If you don't like the pictures then stop ogling them & then complaining about them. I have seen Russian girls on Siberian Times as much as in their underwear, remember the "Twerker Girls" etc. So live & let live & keep your cool, after all-it's Siberia.

PS. As for the Rugby lads, don't give up your day jobs.
Jaker, Dundalk
16/02/2018 10:36
I forgot... Wild Pandas are an AmFoot team, not rugby. If somebody looks at a ruggar's picture, the
difference will be immediately remarked.
Patrick Petrovic, Milan
14/02/2018 23:41
Funny enough to be funny. I've always enjoyed "our" rugby "Diex du stade" French yearly issued calendar,
finding it culturally and, surprise, artistically better than the more celebrated "Pirelli", so I am not in the position to judge any work involving athletes of any sport and gender, but I can say that in this specific case ladies have been nice to show them as they see themselves. You know, World is not a Darya Domracheva's feud. By the way, I agree with commentator Willy McLean from Copenhagen: I only regret this penetration of American culture in Russian social tissue. I'd like to see these however beautiful athletes play 7's rugby i/o Amfoot. Rugby is definitively inside of Russian values and tradition.
Patrick Petrovic, Milan
14/02/2018 23:34
American "culture" should be shunned because it is degrading for people's spirit and mental health. American culture speaks to instincts, greed and selfishness. On the other hand it is useful to know about a phenomenon to understand what to avoid and shun. Not everything is decay in America - there is a lot of science, respect for divergent opinions and a lot of diligence/commitment to learn from.
William McLean, Copenhagen
14/02/2018 22:30
Rugby boys: The unfortunate photos of the girls were not an excuse to become a bunch of gays!
Andres Suarez, Mexico
14/02/2018 21:01

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