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Coldest bicycle race in the world held in Yakutia

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01 January 2016


14 brave locals took part in the race over 10 kilometres in the harsh conditions, or half this distance for women and veterans. Picture: YSIA

It was so cold that several bikes froze at the start of the race. Contestants also had to contend with thick fog. But 14 brave locals took part in the race over 10 kilometres in the harsh conditions, or half this distance for women and veterans. 

Andrey led from the start over the snow, completing the distance in 30 minutes 44 seconds, ahead of Anatoly Alekseyev in 34 minutes 21 seconds.

Among veterans, Vassilyi Matveyev came first in 36 minutes 49 seconds, a shorter ride than his summer achievement of cycling from Vilyuysk in Yakutia, also known as the Sakha Republic, to Moscow, a distance of around 8,000 km.

Coldest race

Coldest race

Coldest race

Coldest race

Coldest race

'The bicycle race turned out to be such a challenge.' Pictures: YSIA

Women's winner was Nelly Pakhomova in 29 minutes 51 seconds, followed by Yugulana Struchkova in 31 minutes 23 seconds. Nelly said: 'The bicycle race turned out to be such a challenge. My bicycle froze, and it was hard to cycle. It was very extreme, thanks to organizers.'

Andrey Popov said: 'You need to dress up so that you don't freeze, because it's easy to turn into a piece of ice in such cold. 

'Quite a lot of time has passed since summer bicycle season finished, so I recommend to keep cycling and to train for such races.'

Comments (4)

You are the best cyclist in the world!!! Bravo! :)
Agnieszka, Kielce/Polska
05/01/2016 15:42
¡Felicitaciones a todos los valientes participantes! Me asombra leer este artículo. Yo vivo en una ciudad pequeña de Argentina, de clima mucho más cálido, y recorro caminos rurales en bicicleta. Ocasionalmente he salido con heladas matinales en invierno, pero esto es casi de otro planeta. Es admirable esta tradición. Por favor, que esto no se pierda. Esto es hermoso. ¡Feliz año nuevo para todos los lectores!.
Mario Luis Mattioli, General Juan Madariaga, Buenos Aires, Argentins
02/01/2016 06:25
I see you need bigger challenges in life hahahha... you simply need to hold a race that can be branded as "coldes" hahahah.. nice one! I really like these kinds of event as it promotes bicycling. More bicycle promotion is needed as its good for the health and environment. Just make safety a priority. At the very least, carry a phone and learn how to keep your phone alive while biking, you can check this resource for that:
Jed B. , Philippines
02/01/2016 02:14
CONGRATULATIONS ! Brave and proud représentatives of your wooly mammouth and yakut horses région! Special BRAVO to Nelly : -) and happy new year
Jocelyne, FRANCE
01/01/2016 23:20

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