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Cancer 'cure' being developed from human breast milk, say Siberian scientists

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14 October 2013


'During the analyses of the milk proteins we detected one that destroyed cancer cells and left the healthy ones alive.' Picture: The Siberian Times

The drug was created following studies on lactaptin, a human milk protein, said Academician Valentin Vlasov, of the Siberian Institute of Chemical Biology and Fundamental Medicine.

'Two medication are going through the pre-clinical trial now,' he said. 'During the analyses of the milk proteins we detected one very specific one, a tiny peptide that affected cancer cells. It destroyed cancer cells and left the healthy ones alive.'

On the base of this milk a genetic construction has been created with even stronger anti-cancer characteristics. 

'Now what we have are cells produced by that protein,' he said. 

Tests on mice showed the drug works specially well on types of cancer that produce metastasis to the liver and lungs

This is not the only anti-cancer drug the Institute - part of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Science - is working on, Vlasov said. 

'We continue tests on anti tick born encephalitis. 

'We have a protein, an antibody that deactivates the virus. This is almost a ready-to-go medication. It just needs to go through all the tests now.'

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Great job. This is the one of the greatest discovery in medical science and all credits goes to them. I would like to know more about doses, whether raw milk given to mice or injected.
Sivabalan, India
15/10/2013 13:34

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