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Rookie FSB agents are punished for 'indecent' graduation jinx in Moscow

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02 August 2016


FSB veterans spoke of 'treason' and 'betrayal'. Picture: Ren TV

A brash parade of FSB Academy graduates in a cortege of black Mercedes Gelandewagens, horns blaring, met with horror from veteran spies but also the Russian authorities. The best agents stay in the shadows, but in their graduation celebration this basic rule was forgotten. 

At the time the Kremlin declined to comment, instead making clear that the FSB Academy and the service itself should take action - and now they have. 

Those responsible were given an ultimatum to leave the service, or face postings to the other side of Siberia, in Chukotka, or Kamchatka, it was reported. 

'The main part of FSB Academy graduates who took part in the ride of Gelandewagen cars were sent to serve in Chukotka and Kamchatka detachments,' reported tabloid. 

'The graduates were offered either to agree and to go to these remote regions near the border, or to resign. Almost all chose the first option.'

FSB agents are punished for 'indecent' graduation jinx in Moscow

FSB agents are punished for 'indecent' graduation jinx in Moscow

FSB agents are punished for 'indecent' graduation jinx in Moscow

FSB agents are punished for 'indecent' graduation jinx in Moscow

'Sent to Siberia' - rookie FSB agents are punished for 'indecent' graduation jinx in Moscow

'Sent to Siberia' - rookie FSB agents are punished for 'indecent' graduation jinx in Moscow
Violating the basic principle of serving FSB, the Moscow Academy graduates. Pictures: Ren TV

A source told the news outlet: 'It was important for the FSB leadership to teach their graduates a lesson for such a provocative behaviour.'

Yet despite the 'indecent and demonstrative behaviour' and the 'anger' it caused, it was decided 'not to withdraw their chance to serve in the FSB'.

A way back to Moscow has been allowed for those graduates who service their time in the Russian Far East and 'demonstrate exceptional professional skills'.

A statement from the FSB made clear the incident flouted the code of ethics and acceptable behaviour. 

'The leadership of the Academy are subject to disciplinary actions,' the statement continued. 'Some of the directors were reduced to lower positions, others were listed for resignation. During the internal investigation it was established that in order to dramatise the situation numerous fake video and other materials allegedly related to graduates to the Academy were used in the Internet. 

'This information will be studied in detail.'

FSB agents are punished for 'indecent' graduation jinx in Moscow

FSB agents are punished for 'indecent' graduation jinx in Moscow
FSB agents punished for 'indecent' graduation jinx in Moscow. Pictures: Ren TV

Retired Vladimir Rubanov, former head of the KGB analytics department, was quoted saying that such behaviour was a 'disgrace' and 'should not be forgiven'.

Other veterans spoke of 'treason' and 'betrayal'.

Images of the Mercedes parade were shown on the internet and the story was covered by the Russian and international media. 

Comments (25)

@ CIA: if these are your adversaries, you should really provide much better intelligence

Sarcasm? I've heard of it, but don't really know what it means. I'm autistic!
Chris, Washington, USA
08/10/2021 02:32
Come on Mr P , why all this secrecy , everyone in the West know your back ground , aren't you supposed to be the richest man in the world , you spend 60 percent of your GDP on your military and God only knows how much on your spies . Why ?
Sandy Powell, North Wales U.K.
05/03/2021 17:54
I think you're missing the point.

Russia has a classful of FSB agents who have distributed their photo around the country.

This restricts the operations for which you can employ them. Border watch forever; they're too dumb for anything clandestine.
Cassandra, Canada
12/02/2021 00:08
"What is a whole class of FSB going to do in the Far East? "
FSB is also responsible for border protection. Read literally anything my man. @NB
UwU, Poland
10/01/2021 22:21
Ya that was a bad decission. It happens one day im going to visit the usr .somebody was right. Congress could care less about the country . now putin has it going on takes care of the people trump too or would if it was not for the greedy dems and pocket lining they do. Pitty its not handled like the Russians do . all we get is exscuses and whining snow flakes
Phillp wood , Lantanna fla
27/05/2020 21:39
Their diplomas are worthless, and they proved this on the very first day of graduation. I'm very sad. |
Jamal , Germany
09/11/2019 13:53
Some commenters asked where they got the cars: they probably hired them.
Their graduation mess-up day was a bit immature but funny. It's a bit of a tradition to do things like this to on the last day of school over in Australia - it just shows the FSB agency human too. It showed honour and strength that they decided to stay in the service. I hope they are all doing ok.
It was interesting that some videos taken of the graduates were fakes to make the incident look worse than it was.
Gab, Victoria, Australia
20/10/2019 11:39
Very immature display - this is a serious outfit, not a football-team. Who was in charge of the recruitment of these silly boys??
Trev, Lincoln, England
03/08/2019 15:07
Certain I'm not following all the nuances here....Still funny as hell.

Sure would like sending TSA agents there. All of em.
07/01/2019 06:10
It is a ruse, people - get serious! What is a whole class of FSB going to do in the Far East? Spy on polar bears dating? Next you will think medical marijuana is about medication. Guffaw!

Even Americans know it is a top priority of President Putin, to promote re-population & development of Pacific-Russia and Eastern-Siberian locales. In the bad-old-days the USSR simply ordered folks to the East. Under modernized Russia, it was no longer so cool to abuse people ... many in the East went back to Moscow, or other precincts; others say 'No thanks', in droves. But it's their loss, really.

Putin recently sweetened the kitty, for investors to capitalize ventures in the East. Including dropping the need to learn the Russian language, and lowering other citizenship-requirements. Long-term massive tax-breaks. But for sure, 'Do learn Russian', and be a good citizen, if you chose to immigrate & live in Siberia.

Alaska, and high-Canada are prestige-addresses in North America, you know. Mr. Putin will succeed in the East, and folks elsewhere will be envious of those privileged to live in such a wonderful land.

So what is the FSB doing, sending the class East? Being the FSB, of course!
Ted Clayton, Forks, USA
28/10/2018 02:33
I visited Moscow this past February. The weather was cold and everyone was friendly. I would highly recommend a visit to any Russian destination. Nice country and people.
Steve Kastl, Raleigh, North Carolina
07/04/2018 04:18
Who can afford these cars? They cost a fortune , millionaires in America buys these cars....
Dan, Usa
09/03/2018 03:02
Seems i don't have much time so here comes.
Your current level of participation is at an coal time high.
No excuses we must do better as we are one
And i laugh at the humorous sincerety and thank you on your journey you are on your way.
Glenn , Cap Pele
04/02/2018 20:49
By claiming your self secret agent you loose friends. Two-three options someone has escaped from hospital or you are suspect from something something, perhaps because of your grandparent parents, nothing to do whit you. Best to avoid paranoia is to avoid friends who are claiming to be secret agents, is not secret any more, paradox. Oryou will become accused from corruption,one thing,hanging around whit agents.
sarianna, isnääs
26/11/2017 17:45
What foolish boys; now the world has photos of everyone, know the cars they drive and some of the numbers plates. Who was their instructor?

Chukotka is not Vladivostok.
Bill, Australia
18/11/2017 14:02

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