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Summer fun in Siberia

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06 August 2013


In the rest of the world, people are sure about one thing: Siberia = cold. Picture: The SIberian Times

The reality in summer is different. We asked people in Siberia's largest city Novosibirsk for some ideas for coping with the heat which in many areas (even in the Arctic) can rise above 30C.

Almost everyone recommended the jewel of Siberia, Lake Baikal, as the ideal destination - even though many have not been there. 

Maria, 16, is from the historic city of Irkutsk - close to the world's deepest lake - but this week she was enjoying cycling around Novosibirsk and we caught up with her taking a rest and reading a book as she lay under a tree on Lenin Square, in the shadow of the city's Opera and Ballet Theatre, the largest in Russia. 

'In summer, I love taking my bike and cycling round Irkutsk at night', she said. 'I love cycling'.  

If she wasn't reading a book, Maria - who hopes to study psychology - would be just as happy listening to classical music or watching ballet, she said. 

Summer in Siberia

Summer in Siberia

The things that almost everyone suggested as worth doing in the summer in Siberia were visiting lake Baikal and going to Altai Mountains. Pictures here and below: The SIberian Times

Nearby were Kira, 16, and Kirill, 15, also lying in the grass near the cavernous theatre.

'Our dream is to go to Lake Baikal, but we haven't been there yet', said Kirill. 'In summer it's also fun to go to the sea'.

He means the Ob Sea, a vast manmade expanse of water on the Ob River, close to Novosibirsk's scientific town, Akademgorodok.

On another Ob River beach, closeer to the city centre, staff from Extreme Fitness, a popular health and fitness chain in Novosibirsk, were chilling out on the sand. Among them were Anya, 22, Anya, 24, and Ekaterina, 18.

One of the team, Timur, joked the best thing to do in Siberia in summer was book a ticket to anywhere else. But for anyone who wants to see Siberia at its best at this time of year, the consensus was to try the majestic Altai Mountains, still almost unknown to the outside world - not for long!

Summer in Siberia

Summer in Siberia

Summer in Siberia

Summer in Siberia

Summer in Siberia

Comments (4)

I have a friend in Novosibirsk who spent a week in the Altai's this past summer. Said it was so beautiful and so much fun. She highly recommends it.
Ron Petts, Sault Ste Marie/USA
21/01/2017 17:33
At last landed on the right site... was about to give up.. at last have the joy of seeing Russians in their own environment, living at peace and enjoying themselves... Jeez, when is the US gonna let up on all the propaganda bullhorn stuff... Thank Siberian Times, carry on with the good work!
Marlene, South Africa
04/03/2015 03:54
Damn the Yanks and the Jesuits, fooled me for years ,da da I thought all russian men had huge facial scars ,and russian women never smiled. Where are the huge square heads and sunken eyes that are bloodied by their past evil deeds? There are still many ignorant brainwshed people today that believe all this sort of propaganda bulshit ,Great to see that they are the same as us, ie humanbeings with feelings who seek only enjoyment and happiness in their lives .
"The Siberian Times" must be congratulated on opening the true picture of russian society to the english speaking world,
Hmm let's have more photographs of that russian scenery , especially all that snow ,phew! it's so refreshing when perusing those icy cold frosty looking pictures whilst sitting besides your computer in a 40C plus environment
Patrick .
Patrick Travers, Perth Australia
14/01/2014 12:01
great faces. Smiling here, thank you for the story!! well done Siberia
Trevor, Italy
11/08/2013 15:12

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