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'On the Eve of the First World War, the single Siberian province of Irkutsk was larger than all of India'

All aboard! Passengers are waiting for the number 3 tram - but that's no reason not to wear a LBD

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23 June 2013


Making sure everything is in the right order, the stylish tram driver from Barnaul 

Oblivious to the camera, she is intent on getting moving and picking up her waiting passengers in the historic city of Barnaul, gateway to the majestic Altai Mountains and once the silver capital of Russia. 

The driver's pictures have gone wild on blogs and social sites around Siberia, with people trying to guess if she aimed to go partying right after the end of the shift or if the heels and the little dress were her usual work attire. 

Stylish Barnaul tram driver

Stylish Barnaul tram driver

Stylish Barnaul tram driver

Stylish Barnaul tram driver

Stylish Barnaul tram driver

Stylish Barnaul tram driver

Comments (3)

she is Nr 1 Tramdriver in the Nothern Hemisphere!
who is the lucky photographer collegue?

hope to find her in fb :)
haRRy the PaParazzo, Zurich / Switzerland
27/06/2013 05:09
well I've certainly never seen anyone sorting the tram dressed like that! and we do have a lot of trams in Portugal:))))) but she looks just fab, gorgeous. Cheers!
J , Portugal
24/06/2013 22:38
Siberian women!!!
Alexandra Q, Hong Kong
24/06/2013 15:58

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