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'Kolchak was 'like an Englishman'-the analogy oddly recurs in an official Soviet account of the execution'

Endless summertime in Siberia 'to end' as clocks go back and 'old time zones return'

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22 September 2012


City Hall tower in Krasnoyarsk, Western Siberia. Picture: The Siberian Times

They will scrap a reform by then president Dmitry Medvedev to keep the entire country on summertime throughout the year. This means clocks will in future turn back by one hour in winter once the proposals are approved. 

The new legislation will also restore two time zones abolished by Medvedev. The zone cover the Far East of Russia.

This means Russia would go back to having 11 time zones, eight of which will be east of the Urals. 

'The proposed legislation is very timely,' said Igor Rudenskiy, a member of the ruling United Russia party and head of the Duma's Economic Committee.

'Most citizens support moving the clock hands to the winter time ... I think we will accept it undoubtedly during (parliament's) autumn session.'

The new laws could be in place to allow the clocks to go back for the winter in October 2012. 

President Vladimir Putin was quoted saying that the Medvedev time changes 'might not have been thought through'.

The changes gave darker mornings but lighter afternoons, but many people were unhappy with the end of daylight saving time. 

It left Russia was almost alone in Northern Europe in not putting its clocks back an hour last October.

Head of the Duma's health committee Sergei Kalashnikov made the move to revert to the old system. 

'The government supports that move', he said.

Comments (2)

dont get us even more confused, why not to leave clock in peace - or think such changes better before you approve them? weird
Gisele , T
22/09/2012 13:00
how is that going to help to rule the country? i've traveled across Russia, and had several business meetings in the european part of it, and then in Vladivostok, when we needed to get some feedback from Moscow as well.
It was a pain, and we simply wanted to run a business together - not to manage the whole gigantic country.
Nick P.,, Norwich
22/09/2012 12:54

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