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'Siberia is a home to the cultures of indigenes, including people whose ancestors migrated to the Americas'

Who says Siberian winters are boring? They are sparkly, fun, and amazingly beautiful!

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22 October 2012


Look, the snow! Katerina Detsura, 20, pictured enjoying the Krasnoyark fun park activities

This winter snow fell for the first time in early October - here is what I saw from the window of my apartment that morning. 

'Not bad', - I thought. 'Winter has started, so it's time to go to the fun park’. 

Siberian winters are fun

Good morning, winter - view from Katerina's apartment 

In Krasnoyarsk we have ‘Beaver Log’ - and I’m sure that very few big cities have such fab downhill ski-ing right on their doorstep. The park borders State Reserve called ‘Stolby’, famous for its amazing rock structures - and is only a short twenty minutes drive from the city centre. 

Whatever the season, there is sport and recreation going on here. The Austrian-made chairlift and well-groomed pistes mean you get a tastes of the Alps or the Rockies right here in our city which is maybe still better known to the world for its industry.  

Siberian winters are fun

Siberian winters are fun

Stunning views of Krasnoyarsk 'Stolby' natural reserve. Pictures: Vera Salnitskaya 

Visitors from Russia and abroad are often stunned by the beauty of this place, which they perhaps had not expected, making the surprise even greater.

The facilities are first class with a high level of service in the magical Siberian nature. Clean air and modern technology are in harmony here, and for me each time I come up here, it brings a feeling of relaxation. 

Siberian winters are fun

Siberian winters are fun

River Yenisei which flows through Krasnoyarsk hasnt't been freezing for winters for more than 40 years, despite temperatures getting as low as -35C

In the summer and during the off-season, there is plenty to do, too, for young and old: guided walks to the chair-lift, extreme rides, a beach and pool of warm water in the open air, playgrounds, picnic pavilions, cafes, bars, premium restaurants, a SPA-centre, horse riding, as well as all kinds of daredevil activities.   

This is a place for family gatherings and celebrations, entertainment events, sports competitions and business meetings. If you want to see Krasnoyarsk relaxing, well, this is our playground, all the more special as the first snow takes hold. Cold it maybe, but very often it is sunny with clear blue skies. 

Finally the weekend is here - it's time to go out of town, get some fresh frosty air, enjoy the beautiful scenery and store energy for the week ahead.

Siberian winters are fun

Katerina Detsura, 20 

Just behind me is a paradise for all skiers and snowboarders, with breathtaking mountain slopes. 

Here I am pictured with the symbol of the park - a Siberian wolf - and  a map outlining all the rides, trails and entertainment. 

Siberian winters are fun

Katerina Detsura, 20, celebrating first snow in Krasnoyarsk 'Beaver Log' fun park

My target for this winter is to learn to snowboard. 

There is time, the snow has only just started covering the ground. We’ve got the most wonderful season still fully ahead of us, with snowball fights, skating, skiing, making snowmen -  and enjoying the whitest Christmas and New Year in the world. 

Katerina Detsura, 20, is a fourth year student in the TV Department of the Journalism Faculty of the Siberian Federal University in Krasnoyarsk.

Comments (9)

Michael I was interested in your background being as I am also from Ely Cardiff what was your address in Ely when you lived there and did you add Semenov to your name.
I await your reply.
Ron Moss, Bunbury Australia
01/10/2014 13:01
And by the way, my only criticism of this article is that there are at least a hundred other things to do in Krasnoyarsk in winter, and I'm looking forward to being there myself in 2 weeks. I can't wait to get back !!
Mao Oliver-Semenov, Cardiff/Kransoyarsk
25/10/2012 21:00
Philip - proper houses? don't you mean different? I live in both Cardiff and Krasnoyarsk. There's nothing more 'proper' about houses in the UK. My apartment in Krasno looks like a big grey block, but it's lovely inside, fully functional, wamr and spacious. Just because it may look ugly to someone from a privileged middle class English background, doesn't mean it's not fit for purpose of less of a home that yours. There's a lot to be said for flat roofed apartment blocks. We get a great view, and it's much more difficult for a thief to break into a Russian apartment. Apartments in Krasnoyarsk may look very much the same, but then so do most of the houses in Britain, only smaller, and with less of a view.
Mao Oliver-Semenov, Cardiff/Kransoyarsk
25/10/2012 20:57
Philip, every town has old and new areas. Old houses can not be destroyed and all the people evicted from there:)
Katerina, Krasnoyarsk
22/10/2012 20:08
The landscape around Krasnoyarsk looks magical! However I can't say I'm so impressed by the view from her appartment - looks a bit 'old Soviet' to me. Too many square flat rooved buildings. I was in Kiev during the Brezhnev era, appartment blocks looked much the same there. But then I live in hilly Surrey, in the UK where we have proper houses. So maybe I'm spoiled... Somehow I don't think improving residential accomodation from the Soviet era is such a high priority over there. I guess they just enjoy the snow and the natural landscape...!
Philip, /UK
22/10/2012 16:38
Thanks a lot, dear friends:)
Katerina, Krasnoyarsk
22/10/2012 16:16
More like this please !
Carole, Thailand
22/10/2012 11:59
mmmm it does look rather fun - we are still waiting for the snow in Finland, but our Xmas is white, too!
M, Finland
22/10/2012 02:10
Katerina is even more striking that the views:) and it doesn't look chilly at all!
David, UK
22/10/2012 01:28

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