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'The power of the taiga... perhaps only migratory birds know where it ends'

New kind of bear hunt from eye in the sky

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10 May 2016


Quadrocopter helped to register eight bears around the rivers Srednyaya Ters and Nizhnyaya Ters. Picture here and below: Kuznetsk Alatau Nature Reserve

This is reported to be the first time rangers have used drones to take a census of wild brown bears in Russia. Over a five day period they registered eight bears around the rivers Srednyaya Ters and Nizhnyaya Ters.

The experiment was undertaken in part to assess the reaction of the bears to the quadcopters. The reaction from the local bear population was mixed: some came as close as five metres to study the 'big bumblebee'.

Brown bears monitoring

Brown bears monitoring

Brown bears monitoring

Mother bear and two cubs spotted as they are clombing the rocks in search for food.

Others sensed danger and fled as soon as they heard it. Park rangers say they can tell the age and sex of the bear from its appearance.

In the future the inspectors of the reserve plan to use quadcopters to search for and study ungulates, such as elk, Siberian roe and reindeer. 

They will also be used to search the reserve for illegal hunters or other activities harmful to nature. 



Monitoring brown bears

Monitoring brown bears

The pictures show not only the bears walking in taiga, but also stunning landscape of Kemerovo region. 

Meanwhile, the pictures obtained show the stunning beauty of this mountainous region of southern Siberia - in Kemerovo region.

The basin of the Kondoma River in Gornaya Shoriya is remarkable for the lime-tree woods which are thought to be the relics of a pre-Pleistocene nemoral vegetation of Siberia.

Around the Kondoma River in Gornaya Shoriya are lime-tree woods which are believed to be relics of the pre-Pleistocene nemoral vegetation of Siberia.

Comments (4)

Bonjour Jocelyne, you are doing just fine with your Anglais, please don't worry and we are all happy to help. What a wonderful application of remote camera technology. I am going to learn how to fly one of these so I can apply for this job...:-).
Pamela Tetarenko, League City, USA
11/05/2016 20:36
Thank you very much .I am sorry for my bad English, but i shall progress with Siberian Times and English lesson :-)
I am motivated !..
Jocelyne, FRANCE
11/05/2016 20:07
@ Jocelyne you should read it like 'New kind of hunt '
Alexander, novosibirsk
11/05/2016 20:00
Why title says: NEW KIND ? were these animals unknow brown bear? If yes : when had they been discover? Are they new specie?
Est-ce que c'est une nouvelle espèce ou sous-espèce d'ours brun? Merci
Jocelyne, FRANCE
11/05/2016 19:57

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