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Another emaciated Siberian tiger cub saved 'after poachers killed mother'

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04 January 2016


The first cub found on December 29 feels much better. Picture: Land of Leopard

The latest cub is believed to be the sister of another tigress of a similar age found last week, which is now recovering and is expected to survive. A third sibling is believed to be missing. 

As in the first case, the cub had encroached a smallholding farm in desperate search for food. The cub - almost motionless and hiding between a fence and some roofing slate - was spotted by a resident as she checked her poultry yard in the morning. 

Tiger cub rescued

Tiger cub rescued

Tiger cub rescued

At the first glance, it became clear that the cub was very weak and extremely exhausted.' Pictures: Land of Leopard

Specialists from the Land of the Leopard National Park and the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) were on the spot within 10 minutes. They had been searching for cubs after a sighting of three offspring of an endangered Amur tiger. 

Dina Matyukhina, senior researcher at the park, said: 'At the first glance, it became clear that the cub was very weak and extremely exhausted. It almost did not resist and only growled when experts held it and injected an immobilising drug. 

Tiger cub rescued

Tiger cub rescued

Tiger cub rescued

The condition of the other tigress has 'improved significantly'. Pictures: Land of Leopard

'The animal has a slight eyes inflammation, which may be an indication of hypothermia, or bacterial infection due to lower overall immunity and exhaustion. Until more information is known about the state of cub's health, it was decided to keep the animal away from the supposed sister rescued a few days ago.'

The latest tigress weighs about 15 kilograms - showing it was severely malnourished. At four months, the animal should weigh almost double this figure. 

The young tigress ate half a kilo a liver, seen as a good sign. The condition of the other tigress has 'improved significantly'.

Comments (5)

Poaching should be banned and those who still do it should be punished severely. My heart goes out to those poor cubs who are now left without a Mother.
Saarah, England, Leicester
12/01/2016 22:06
Unfortunatly my english is not good enough to express what I feel when through the siberian times I read what is happening to the siberian tigers.A great thank to all the people who care so much of these beautiful animals expecially the orphaned cubs.To hell all poachers and the humans who are dealing and making profit with all sort of animals.
Vannucchi Giuseppe, Pistoiia - Italy
06/01/2016 18:29
It is great to see regular people in Russia providing such great care for the Siberian Tigers, when they themselves are barely hanging onto a life/food. Life in Russia is hard enough in the Far East area with extreme cold an little work...SO ITS GREAT TO SEE SUCH CARING HEARTS & SOULS.....thanks for helping some animals in desperate need of simple food/security.
Ron Fisher, Columbia Falls Montana
06/01/2016 03:10
Diana, your compassion for these magnificent cats is shared, but killing is the problem, not the solution. Summary executions of suspected poachers or smugglers would be no less evil than other forms of violence. We need to look at the problem from a different angle as currently our approaches are generally not working. We need to reach out educate the public who drives demand for tiger parts and get them to gradually reduce their demand. We can also look at alternate sources of satisfying that demand or anything else to save these animals, but not murder.
Ed, Colorado
06/01/2016 02:43
My heart is crying for these babies. Laws need to be more severe in punishing the A-holes who poach these animals or any animal. No jails or prisons for those who are involved in poaching. Judge and Jury on the spot, and execute them. That goes for ANYONE involved. killing, selling, buying. No and's if's or but's. Those who do this sh*t have no right to walk this earth.
Diana Britz, Salem, Oregon
05/01/2016 16:31

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