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Norilsk breaks records for Arctic heat in a new sign of changing weather patterns

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24 July 2013


Norilsk - above the Arctic Circle - is known as one of the world's coldest cites, and is built on permafrost. Sunbathing picture was taken around lake Baikal, The Siberian Times 

Norilsk has hit 32C in recent days with some forecasts predicting a blistering 35C by the weekend as the Arctic competes with the Mediterranean. The tundra turned hot as the Kransnoyarsk region industrial city - where foreigners are restricted from visiting - smashed records for heat established in 1979.

The average temperature in July is 13.6 but the mercury was touching 32C, a long way from the coldest-ever recorded temperature of minus 61C.

The previous hottest was 31.9C, more than three decades ago.

'I've never worn a bikini before in Norilsk, just to top up my tan', said Polina, 21, a student. 

The hot spell is likely to last at least until 26 July, say forecasters. 

Norilsk - above the Arctic Circle - is known as one of the world's coldest cites, and is built on permafrost. Frosty weather is a reality for 280 days a year. In summer time, average air temperatures are 14.6 degrees, before this year when Norilk finds itself in the furnace. 

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Lake Baikal is hundreds of miles south of this area. this is bogus.
Zeb, thailand
27/07/2013 11:57
Dear polar friends. In other hand, here in brazil, tropical country, is snowing. Buahhh
Cisar, Brazil
27/07/2013 06:41

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