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'On the Eve of the First World War, the single Siberian province of Irkutsk was larger than all of India'

Record heat and abnormal flooding as Siberia gets freak weather

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04 July 2016


Siberia's coldest region - the Sakha Republic, also known as Yakutia - also experienced a highly unusual heatwave. Picture: @irenkolbina 

On 1 July Ulan-Ude experienced its highest ever temperature on this day - a tropical 33.8C - causing a performance of the Republic of Buryatia's first national opera to be cut almost in half because of the stifling heat. 

Unprecedented high temperatures, up to 6C higher than average, have also hit Krasnoyarsk and Irkutsk regions. Siberia's coldest region - the Sakha Republic, also known as Yakutia - also experienced a highly unusual heatwave.

At Bestyakh fur farm, the temperature was 32.2C, while Mirny hit 33.6C, Chumpuruk 33.8C, Habardino 34.7C and Kresty 35C.

Yet in Siberia's largest airport, Tolmachevo in Novosibirsk, a huge downpour left the main passenger terminal underwater. Checkin for flights had to be done manually because of the flooding. 

Heat in Ulan-Ude

Heat in Yakutia

Heat in Yakutia

Residents of Ulan-Ude and Yakutsk try to refresh in any way they can. Pictures: @_dejames_, CrimYakutia, @fainanega

Eyewitness Nikita Lapov told NGS: 'At about 9 am the shower began, a large group of people went out the airport, but could not reach their cars and buses, because of the rain. 

'They came back inside the airport. And in the check-in zone ceiling tiles were falling down. First, one fell, and the water poured down from the hole. Then three more fell down.' 

Heavy rains also hit Altai, Kemerovo and Omsk regions. In Omsk, on 2 July, a car 'drowned' in the big puddle near a multi-storey residential building on Lapteva Street. 



Omsk - flooded car


Flood in Novosibirsk airport Tolmachevo. Car 'drowned' in Omsk. A girl swimming in puddle in Kemerovo. Pictures: Nikita Lapov, Ivan Shchipachev, Ju Mori

Locals say that the giant puddle was nicknamed the 'Laptev Sea'. The car was flooded with water up to the wheel. 

Eyewitness say that the driver was 'reckless and tried to drive through the puddle with the side window fully opened, so the water began to flood the vehicle interior very quickly'.

Local official Vladimir Kazimirov blamed the lack of a 'storm drain'. 'We have pumped out 30 barrels of water from Lapteva Street per night. 

'The problem is, that we have the storm drain  only on 22-23% of streets, the other are constantly flooded.' 

Comments (3)

If you knew the science as well as you know the anti-science soundbites then you'd not be embarrassing yourself with silly comments about solar cycles. As for La Nina, that hasn't even happened yet. Your own Bureau of Meteorology clearly shows that conditions are neutral at this time ..
John from London,
24/07/2016 01:47
warming? yadda yadda..
try the effects of la nina and the jet stream moving due to LOW solar cycle 24 affecting earth.
be interesting to see some prior events and years listed for comparison..
I did notice VERY happily
the word UNprecedented wasnt abused in the article as it is so often elswhere.
Laurel, Australia
07/07/2016 20:23
Global warming,,, you're soaking in it. I could only imagine the people that sell bikini's and assorted swimwear are doing a brisk business. If you are living in the area, and venture out into the sun for any extended length of time, wear sunscreen or protection from the sun. The sun index number will be a good guide as to how long you can be out in the direct sunlight. And if you do use suntan lotion or sunscreen lotion, make sure it is NOT a petroleum base oil in the mixture. Have fun out there!
bernie,, saint louis, missouri, USA
05/07/2016 09:03

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