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First picture of Leonardo DiCaprio's Siberian Oscar trophy

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26 February 2016


Jewellery company Kierge has completed the impressive statuette in five days. Picture: @whispering_to_stars

Locals here in the Sakha Republic - the largest and coldest region in the Russian Federation - are hoping the US actor will personally accept the statuette as recognition of the appreciation of his admirers over his role in latest movie The Revenant but also in his overall career. 

When it was first announced earlier this month, the prize was reported around the world but now jewellery company Kierge has completed the impressive statuette in five days.

Oscar for Leo

Oscar for Leo

Oscar for Leo

'This figurine is kind of acknowledgment from people who live far away in the far north.' Picture: @whispering_to_stars

Art director Stanislav Stepanov said: 'The figurine itself weighs 1.5 kg. Below we added a brass stand, so its total weight is 3.2 kg. It is only two centimetres smaller than the original Oscar.'

Jeweller Alexander Manzhuryev said: 'This figurine is kind of acknowledgment from people who live far away in the far north. Perhaps DiCaptio will come to us and see how we live, in harsh conditions. It would be great if he will take the prize.'

It was unveiled as DiCaprio waits to see if he will win the Oscar for Best Actor in the Academy Awards. 

Tatyana Egorova

Tatyana Egorova

Gathering silver jewelry

Tatyana Yegoova holds the precious statuette. The activists pose with chorons: Tatyana Yegorova (third from the left), Sardana Savvina (second from the left) and Jeann Doari (second from the right). Jeann Doari with gathered silver jewelry.  Pictures: YSIA, @whispering_to_stars, Jeann Doari

Tatyana Egorova, who organised the Siberian Oscar, said the star had 'made the world a little bit better and happier' with his many roles. 

'We do not pursue promotional aims nor proclaim any ideas nor pretend to be special. We are far from politics. We believe  art has no boundaries, and only in art, the desire for beauty, are people  able to understand each other, even when speaking in different languages.'

She has contacted the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation to inform them of the award and is awaiting a response. 

'Any official award, even prestigious, is formal, and expresses the opinion only of a small group of people,' she said. 'We have the right to present our favourite actor with the people's award. 

Nikolay Chochchasov

Oscar and Choron

Nikolay Chochchasov, the sculptor who has made prototype, compares it with silver figurine. Yakutian Oscar in a full glow. Pictures: @whispering_to_stars, YSIA

'It is also our reward - a grateful response to Leonardo DiCaprio, who dedicated his Golden Globe to the world's indigenous peoples, that is, to us, the inhabitants of the Far North of Russia. 

'After all, the Republic of Sakha is not only the birthplace of Yakuts, but also Evens, Evenki, Yukaghir, Dolgan, and other peoples, whose culture is now on the verge of extinction. And we, the people, are closely related to the ancestral habitat, mother nature, admire the active position of Leonardo DiCaprio in the preservation of our planet.'

The Siberian statuette features a male figure made of silver with pronounced Asiatic features holding a gold 'choron'. This is a ritual cup of the Yakut people -  a symbol of peace, harmony, spiritual unity and good intentions'.

Comments (3)

I hope so,it is a great honor for Leonardo.
L M, Clovis, CA. USA
04/03/2016 20:35
To paraphrase a famous movie quote: "if you make it, he will come"! Knowing Leo, he is just the type who will come and accept the award in person. Keep your fingers crossed, folks! Good Luck!!
E. Espinosa, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
27/02/2016 22:28
It's beautiful, as are the chorons, and I hope he visits you all to accept his award.
Erica, San Francisco, USA
27/02/2016 07:39

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