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Britain's Charlie Simpson in the freezer as he seeks world record by singing at the Pole of Cold

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24 November 2012


Charlie Simpson, 27, is due to perform at the Pole of Cold in Siberia on Saturday, November 24. Picture: Charlie Simpson website

However, weather forecasts suggest a milder minus 25C during the day on Saturday. Night time should see the thermometer plunge to minus 33C, though. 

The town in the Sakha Republic - or Yakutia - holds the world record lowest temperature in a populated area of minus 71.2C. The reading was in 1924. 

Simpson's public relations team have done their best to portray the remote town as if little has changed since 1924, also the year Lenin died. 

'With a population of just 472, the town has no running water or electricity and is so cold that mobile phones don't work,' they complained. 

The 27 year old has been travelling to Pole of Cold from Yakutsk in recent days to make his record bid. 

Ice Cold Gig by Charlie Simpson

Ice Cold Gig by Charlie Simpson

Welcome to Yakutia: stunning sunrise over Yakutia and Charlie Simpson in Moscow before boarding a plane to Siberia. Pictures: Tristan Lillingston twitter

'If successful, Charlie's icy endeavours will earn him an official place in the Guinness World RecordsTM annals,' said a spokesman.

Charlie said: 'The Jagermeister Ice Cold Gig is by far one of the biggest challenges of my career, but I'm really excited to get out there and see a part of our planet that very few people will ever get to visit. 

'It's not really an option to play my guitar wearing gloves, so I just hope my fingers don't freeze.'

World's coldest gig by Charlie Simpson in Yakutia

Winter wonderland - fantastic views of Yakutian nature. Picture: Planet Yakutia 

Tom Carson, Jagermeister UK Music Manager, added: 'This is certainly the most extreme music event we've ever organised. 

'We've worked with Charlie for a few years now and we're delighted that he has taken up our challenge to play the world's coldest gig. 

'With the local cuisine consisting mostly of reindeer meat and fish, we've warned him not to expect too much on his backstage rider!'

Comments (4)

are you ok there lad - no news?
Dannie , Br
25/11/2012 16:21
Best of luck to Charlie & don't forget to sponsor him on justgiving in aid of Cancer Research,over 1400 quid so far lets make it 1500.X X
jane hunter, harrogate yorkshire uk
25/11/2012 04:10
he is yummmmmmmmmmy! keep warm in the middle of nowhere Chalie!
Liza , out there
24/11/2012 23:20
Good luck cold Charlie !
Sergey, Omsk
24/11/2012 01:32

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