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Hollywood star Vinnie Jones in trouble with his wife after being seen with TWO Siberian women

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16 October 2012


Yakutia-born former Mrs Russia beauty queen Alisa Krylova has been dubbed 'the Russian Angelina Jolie' by actor Vinnie Jones. Picture: 1st TV Russia

The Siberian Times can disclose he is currently in the Russian Far East, having tried to mend fences with his wife Tanya who flew from their Los Angeles home for a showdown with him over pictures and footage of him in a lingering kiss with singer Lama Safonova in Moscow.

The singer, believed to be 37, is from Biysk in Altai region and is a former guest this year on reality TV show Let's Get Married. 

But is was also disclosed that the actor was seen arm-in-arm with Yakutia-born former Mrs Russia beauty queen, Alisa Krylova, 30, who he called 'the Russian Angelina Jolie' as they spent an evening together. 

Vinnie Jones

 Vinnie Jones has appeared together with Alisa Krylova on Russian TV. Picture: 1st TV Russia

The 47 year old British-born actor, a film hard man who used to be a professional footballer, said: 'You know, for every normal man, you see what I mean, when you have a chance to flirt with a beautiful blonde, it's like a hobby.'

He apparently offered the beauty a role in an upcoming movie, saying: 'In the new film we need a goddess - we need a Russian Angelina Jolie.'

Krylova, a mother of two born in the Siberian diamond town of Mirny, said: 'He thinks I'm a Russian Angelina Jolie and this is why he wants me to take part in his movie next year.'

According to Russian Channel One, 'having promised Alisa a role as the top character in his next movie, Vinnie spent all evening with her. But next day he headed to a new date.'

Vinnie Jones

'Promised Alisa a role in his new movie', Russian 1st Channel TV report suggested.  Picture: 1st TV Russia

This was with Safonova, who was seen kissing the star on footage posted on Life Showbiz website. 

She declared: 'When we met each other and he began to court me,  it was really.... feelings were expressed.'

Claiming she has secretly known him a year, she said: 'Vinnie could not say a word in Russian. But somehow we manage to understand each other.'

Vinnie Jones

A honey trap?  Vinnie Jones has reportedly kissed Russian 37 year old wannabe singer Lama Safonova. Picture:

Formerly married to a milk truck driver in Altai, she said:  'If you're waiting for me to betray my sweetheart, or hurt him, then it won't happen.'

In a posting on a web social site, she said:  'It is an entirely personal matter that is about only me and a person close to me. 

'It is no-one else's business. It is not to put the limelight onto your personal life. Doing so is incorrect.'

She stressed: 'You won't hear a single bad word about Vinnie from me - even if you shoot me down.....

'There is no need to make a scandal out of our relations. 

'A year is only a tiny particle of the Universe, there is no need to make a blockbuster out of it.'

Vinnie Jones

Forgot to look at the mirror love - or is this a true Siberian style? Picture: Lama Safonova account 

She boasted:  'All London is covered in my pictures. The British media published them. I am not giving official comments yet.'

The plot deepened when a 'friend' accused her on one of her social sites of a cover-up.

'Why did you set him up?! You need publicity, but at such price!', said the friend's posting. 

The friend - who apparently knows both Jones and Safonova - disputed that she had known the actor for a year.

'What year? They've been to a party twice, that's it! She kissed a drunk man, that was it! And he is a great chap.'

He told the singer: 'He has only been to Moscow once. You've got no shame.'

She then countered by claiming the friend had made the footage public. 

Jones has claimed that he was the victim of a honeytrap sting involving Safonova and three of her friends. 

'I am humiliated, embarrassed and very sorry. I was totally set up at 2 in the morning when leaving a party. I totally love my wife Tanya and my two children,' he said.

Vinnie Jones

'I'm humiliated, embarrassed and very sorry, I was totally set up', Vinnie Jones was quoted saying. Picture: Lama Safonova account 

The kiss apparently came after a 'wrap' party at the end of filming a National Geographic documentary.

Western newspapers said Tanya flew to Britain to confront her husband, star of Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels.

'They got Vinnie legless and he didn't know what he was doing,' said a friend of Jones.

'She was coming on to him strongly and, in the state he was in, he gave in to temptation. Tanya is utterly devastated and doesn't want to see him. Vinnie loves her to bits and knows he's been a fool. He is desperate for her to forgive him.'

One version suggested the 46 year old wife stormed out of their hotel in southern England over the lurid reports. 

Another said she put on a 'brave face' as she returned to Los Angeles. 

'Tanya Jones is en route back to Los Angeles to spend time with her daughter and is handling herself correctly and with dignity,' said a spokesperson.

His representative said: 'Vinnie is in Russia filming the second portion of his national Geographic documentary. Vinnie remains committed only to his family at this time and looks forward to seeing them soon upon his return from filming.'

A report on Mail Online quoted Vinnie's representative denying the actor knew Safonova for a year. 

'Completely untrue. He met her two weeks ago when filming a documentary. Vinnie has never been to Russia prior to this.'

Comments (8)

This is the typical type of trashy event that you would expect from the likes of Mr Jones. And as for Lama Safonova representing Siberian style - rubbish !! The majority of Siberian women are composed, well dressed, have a lot of pride in themselves and how they present themselves. This is simply a meeting between a fame junkie from the UK and a fame junkie from Russia. It's a shame this item has become news. I love that quote 'all London is covered in my pictures'. Spoken like a true megalomaniac.
Mao Oliver-Semenov, Cardiff and Krasnoyarsk
20/10/2012 20:30
stop giving this Ms Nobody publicity
Andrei, Moscow
19/10/2012 00:45
Crazy Gang again Vinnie
Alf, London
19/10/2012 00:12
@ Nick, Moscow: bravo, so well said!
Tony, UK
16/10/2012 19:50
If you're still a wannabe singer at the age of 37 maybe you should try smth else?
Nick, Moscow
16/10/2012 19:17
no I refuse to accept THIS as siberian style. It all seems to be like joint effort of both Vinnie and this creature PR teams
Marina, Siberia
16/10/2012 18:09
this Lama creature looks trash. And NO this is not a true siberian style, by any accounts!!!
Tanya, Moscow now, but born in Siberia
16/10/2012 17:39
Haha deff went for the worst looking russian lady, if that can be called a lady) Poor Vinnie)
Kate, Russia
16/10/2012 17:36

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