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Female student will be allowed back to study in September after being ejected for wearing hijab

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29 March 2013


Rules state students are forbidden from entering university premises in 'items of clothing that stress their religious affiliation', as well as headwear (except for medical items). Picture: 

Now she is to be allowed back to her studies in September. The claim about her expulsion by a local TV station has led to an investigation  by prosecutors. 

'After the TV report  was broadcast, Krasnoyarsk district prosecutors launched a probe to check the legitimacy of the expulsion,' said official Yelena Pimonenko.

A female student had been expelled for 'violating internal regulations', admitted Krasnoyarsk State Medical University.

Rules state students are forbidden from entering university premises in 'items of clothing that stress their religious affiliation', as well as headwear (except for medical items), beach wear and outer clothing.

The female student is from Dagestan, a Muslim region in southern Russia, and she had been requested to remove her hijab on a number of occasions, it is understood.

The decision to allow her to return to her studies in September came after the university rector discussed the case with head of Krasnoyarsk's Dagestan community Kerim Magomedov.

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@ Mao Oliver-Semenov, Krasnoyarsk, please learn what "Racist' actually means. There are people of all races that follow the Islamic ideology; the term you are looking for to make your point is "Bigoted." Thank you, Prez
Barack Obama, Washington, DC
15/03/2015 22:53
may not be? how about definitely aren't ! And with regard to your point on politics, comparing it to a nazi uniform?? is the hijab only to be compared with symbols of repression? It may not be religious but is it always political? Are my jeans political? what about my socks? Some wear the hijab through force, others see it as empowering, as a feminist statement in a world where the image of women is often sold and sexualised. Shouldn't we as a species be moving away from what women, should and should not wear and look instead to the person and the persons rights? Why is it we focus on what woman should be doing or wearing, like dolls to be dressed? where are the articles about my socks?
Mao Oliver-Semenov, Krasnoyarsk
01/04/2013 07:00
Obviously the hijab and terrorism may not be linked but the hijab is always a political statement and absolutely nothing to do with religious requirements. Would an institution accept a student in a German Nazi uniform without censore ?
Nicho, UK
31/03/2013 03:46
well said Michael
Mariusz, Warsaw
30/03/2013 01:35
Really??? you put a story about wearing a hijab and a story about terrorists together? Because they're both inter-related right? It's a tad racist, I would consider splitting these two stories.
Mao Oliver-Semenov, Krasnoyarsk
29/03/2013 09:58

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