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Siberian Ginseng Extract 'recognised as safe medicine'

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10 July 2012


The event is hosted by country's Health Newspaper supported by the Ministry of Health in Beijing.

'We are honoured that our Siberian Ginseng Extract product has been recognised as 'safe medicine' by our domestic consumers along with 29 other medicines from well-known pharmaceutical companies,' said Shaoming Li, chairman and chief executive of China Botanic.

'We are encouraged by this recognition as we continue to make efforts to expand the scope and reach of Siberian Ginseng in China and internationally.'

The company distributes its botanical anti-depression and nerve-regulation products, biopharmaceutical products, and botanical antibiotic products through a network of 3,000-plus distributors and over 70 sales centres across 24 provinces in China. 

China Botanic is playing a leading role in establishing the Siberian Ginseng Conservation Association (SGCA), which is to be under the supervision of the State Forestry Administration.

'Becoming the leader of the newly-established SGCA would both strengthen China Botanic's dominant position in the Siberian Ginseng market and give it a say in any future consolidation of the Ginseng industry,' said a spokesman.

'In recent years, China Botanic has worked closely with local forestry authorities to tap local Siberian Ginseng resources, and now controls approximately 80% of the Siberian Ginseng resources in Heilongjiang Province, or over 70% of the Siberian Ginseng resources in China.'

China Botanic recently co-sponsored and attended the second plenary session of the science and technology committee of the Wild Plant Protection Association of China in Beijing, organised by the country's forestry administration.

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