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First in Russia for Yakutia Airlines as it uses new environmentally friendly Boeing technology

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24 July 2016


The Split Scimitar Winglet System should reduce Yakutia's annual fuel requirements by more than 150,000 litres per aircraft, and carbon dioxide emissions by about 380 tonnes per aircraft per year. Picture: Ctanislav1

Aviation Partners Boeing (APB) has announced that Yakutia Airlines is the first airline in the Russian Federation to install and operate with Split Scimitar Winglets on its Boeing Next-Generation 737-800 aircraft which are leased from Fly Leasing Limited.

The latest Winglet design, known as the Split Scimitar Winglet, uses existing Blended Winglet technology but adds new aerodynamic Scimitar tips and a large ventral strake, further increasing the efficiency of the airplane.

'Yakutia is taking steps to be the most fuel efficient and environmentally friendly airline in Russia,' said Aviation Partners Boeing director of sales and marketing Christopher Stafford. 'The move will 'further enhance the performance of its Boeing 737-800s, yielding significant fuel savings and reduction in CO2 emissions throughout its network.'

The adaptation reduces fuel burn by 2.5% over the Blended Winglets, and taking into account both technologies the reduction is up to 6.6%.

The Split Scimitar Winglet System will reduce Yakutia's annual fuel requirements by more than 150,000 litres per aircraft, and their carbon dioxide emissions by about 380 tonnes per aircraft per year, it is understood.

Additionally, the Split Scimitar Winglet System can increase the payload capability by 1.2 tonnes on Yakutia's longest routes.

Boeing 737-86N VP-BVE Yakutia Airlines Split Scimitar Winglets, Yakutia Arilines 

'This is our first Split Scimitar Winglet equipped airplane in our 737NG fleet. When considering the market where we operate this airplane, with an average flight length of 4.5 hours, we anticipate significant fuel savings on an annual basis,' said Yakutia Airlines chief executive officer Olga Federova. 

'Yakutia plans to evaluate equipping its existing and any additional 737NG airplanes with the Split Scimitar System as they are added to our fleet.

'We believe that the performance will significantly enhance the airplane operating economics in this harsh economic environment in Russia.'

In June, Yakutia Airlines, based in Yakutsk, capital of the Sakha Republic, also known as Yakutia, signed a 1.277 billion rouble leasing agreement for Russian-made Sukhoi Superjet100 (SSJ100) aircraft from State Transport Leasing Company (STLC), 

The airline said in a statement that after deal it has three regional planes manufactured in 2013.

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I want to fly to Siberia in summer 2017 ( may starting ) and will report in European travel magazins in German and English .
departure Munich , Vienna or Salzburg . Destination Nizhnevartovsk and further next years .
I started as a free journalist in 1955 with color slides , reporting in automobile clubs and Salzburger Nachrichten/news . This financed my study.
what airlines? what special interests for young travellers and retired persons ?
Thank You , Karl
Danke , we speak german .
Karl , Ing. Marschhofer, A-4814 Altmuenster , Austria , Europe
11/01/2017 15:41

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