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'Kolchak was 'like an Englishman'-the analogy oddly recurs in an official Soviet account of the execution'

Vladimir Putin plans to move part of the Russian government to Siberia

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31 August 2014


'For instance, Krasnoyarsk seems to me to be a suitable location'. Picture: The Siberian Times

Key functions of the Kremlin government could switch to Siberia and specifically Krasnoyarsk - the centre of Russia - according to Mr Putin. However, the capital city will remain in Moscow, despite earlier pressure from his defence minister Sergei Shoigu to move it east. 

'I consider it possible and right that part of some federal, central authorities should be moved to Siberia,' Putin told an audience of young people at the 2014 Seliger Youth Forum. 'For instance, Krasnoyarsk seems to me to be a suitable location'. 

He insisted Krasnoyarsk is 'the geographical centre of our country', comments which may cause some angst elsewhere, for example Novosibirsk.

'Because of Crimea, our geographical centre has shifted somewhat, but this is not important, small stuff, but otherwise it is a big city with a population of one million, developed infrastructure, a good airport, beautiful scenery and wonderful people. That will be the way of our thinking.'

He confirmed a drive to persuade major state companies to move east, too. 

'Why are they all sitting in Moscow?' Putin demanded. 

On moving the capital city from Moscow to Siberia, he ruled out the discussion, which had been triggered some time ago by Mr Shoigu, a native of the Tyva Republic in southern Siberia. 'But that does not mean all central resources should concentrate precisely in Moscow. In the life and history of every nation, there are certain unifying symbols. Moscow is one such symbol'.

Comments (3)

Would this move have anything to do with incoming meteors seemingly scheduled to impact in Pacific and Atlantic oceans?
Helena, New Zealand
12/05/2017 14:59
With all due respect, I think it is a terrible bad idea. Not only should the government not be moved out of Moscow but the Constitutional Court as well as the Russian Navy main staff should return to Moscow since they should have never left the capital. Moreover, other entities such as the Heraldic Council of the President of the Russian Federation should also be relocated to Moscow. Indeed, I would say that any nationwide "Russia" or "All-Russia" association, institute, federation, guild, organization or similar should be located in Moscow as it is the only and only capital of Russia.
Rubén, Spain
29/12/2016 04:15
Good idea. Just note that in South Africa or the Netherlands, national institutions are divided between different cities (Johannesbourg, Cape Town, Pretoria)
Enrique, Spain
01/09/2014 10:47

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