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Siberia 'to get its first world class ski resort' - reports

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22 June 2016


Potential investors were presented with plans including 120 hectare plots for development as a 'luxurious all-season resort' offering an 'international standard of services'. Picture here and below: Vera Salnitskaya

To Russian skiing aficionados, Sheregesh has long held a reputation as a winter gem, but now plans have been unveiled to upgrade it to world standards. 

At the St Petersburg Economic Forum, hosted by President Vladimir Putin, potential investors were presented with plans including 120 hectare plots for development as a 'luxurious all-season resort' offering an 'international standard of services'.

In the coming months detailed plans will be unveiled by the regional authorities. The plan envisages major investment over six years in tourist infrastructure facilities, and also on ski-trails, lifts, and transport infrastructure. 

'In summer, a detailed plan of the mountain skiing arena will become available for potential  investors,' reported

The skiing resorts at Sochi were light years behind their potential before their redevelopment for the 2014 Winter Olympics, Sochi, creating one of Europe's most advanced and luxurious resorts. 

Sheregesh ski-resort

Sheregesh ski-resort

Sheregesh is among the best in Russia for advanced freeriders or for powder fans. 

The authorities across Siberia are perhaps only now waking up to the potential on their doorsteps. Sheregesh is seen as a trailblazer opening Siberia to both Russian and foreign tourists. 

It is widely seen as having some of the best snow in Russia - especially for boarders - yet to be lacking in infrastructure. 

For example, states: 'Because of the earliest powder in Russia (starting from November) and dry climate, Sheregesh is among the best in Russia for advanced freeriders or for powder fans. Others will be ruled out by the poor, overpriced service and remote location of the resort.'

The guide goes on: 'If you are not a Siberian, you will probably have the only single reason to go to Sheregesh; the local snow, which is unique. Starting from the beginning of November until the beginning of March there's at least 1 metre of high quality snow. 

'The local powder is dry and fast and is considered to be the best snow in Russia. 

'However, the snowboarders who decide to go to Sheregesh have to survive an 8-hour long way from Moscow to Sheregesh, the famous Siberian frost, and lack of apres ski.'

Comments (3)

I agree with both Jaker and Benedikt. I too want Siberia to thrive and prosper and her people to be recognized all around the world for their wonderful character. As one of Russia's treasures however, please be very careful in the development and profit-taking associated with such a treasure.
Pamela Tetarenko, League City, USA
27/06/2016 01:19
I want Siberia to thrive & this initiative should be another step towards that, in fact, I see Siberia as a country within itself...the people seem friendly, happy, & very welcoming by all accounts & Siberia seems to have the most beautiful landscape I have ever seen at least by all the beautiful photography that Siberia Times gives us by the day.

I know investors need to make profits from ventures like this, but I would love for the people of Sharegesh & even good causes in Siberia like charities & orphanages to receive some of those profits to better their lives. Like Dominick under me...near enough says, there are too many castles in the air & villas that the rich gain. How about the people for a change reaping the profits.
Jaker, Dundalk
26/06/2016 00:13
good for them! and the more the better. if just someone can make sure that all the money that will come from Moscow is not being used to build private villas and buy castles in the UK....
Benedikt, Moscow
22/06/2016 08:11

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