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'The possession of Siberia's natural wealth has become vital in determining Russia’s position in the world'
W.Bruce Lincoln

Facebook unpublishes The Siberian Times page

By Team the Siberian Times
30 October 2019

There is no reason for it, and we are appealing. Please if you can do support us via FB appeal centre.



Comments (29)

What logical reason could there possibly be for this ban. The page is a constant source of wonder with it's beautiful photography and amazing archaelogical stories which are refreshing in an internet of same old same old. Nowhere, would you find a more wonderful advertisement for this unique region, history and culture.
Deborah Kaye, Australia
27/01/2020 06:43
Why for the love of me would Facebook Unpublish The Siberian Times?
What did they do wrong....besides sharing their captures of their amazing landscapes?
Prasanta Ghosh, Kolkata, India
07/01/2020 20:57
This is very weird because The Siberian Times is a beautiful way to understand and appreciate this part of the world so far and so amazing with explanations and wonderful pictures of art, history and culture. Please, please, let them come back ! I miss bears, permafrost, and mammouths !
Carole Gonzalez, Annecy / France
07/01/2020 00:25
Fb should be required to explain these nonsensical decisions. Someone said it is the advertisements on the Siberian Times page. That can’t be it because I don’t get any advertising in what I see. And if it is that, fb should deal with it on an individual basis, not penalize everyone by removing what I think is one of the most informative and interesting pages on fb.
Gill, Canada
04/01/2020 05:42
How bizarre! The Siberian Times is great quality images & reading with zero controversy. What circus is running Facebook? Bring back one of the best newspapers on the planet. And explain why it was removed, and who made the decision
Fiona Lake, Australia
25/12/2019 17:51
This is really unusual in fact shocking. We from all over the world enjoy The Siberian Times posts. It covers the region facts and beauty. This page is a mirror to astonishing geographical charisma. Wonder what must have gone wrong. Hoping the issue is sorted immediately and the page should be operative like earlier. Ardenlly looking forward to see the The Siberian Times.
Sangeeta Dighe, Mumbai India
25/12/2019 06:03
THis yet one of Facebook's "strange" and opaque censorship policies. In a nutshell: UNACCEPTABLE!
Francisco Espírito-Santo, Coimbra/Portugal
19/11/2019 09:10
I was enjoying your page and can see no reason for this hope you get it back. But I don't see anything in the appeals section were I can help get it back.
John Finlayson, Scotland
08/11/2019 05:53
@MORAK Benedikjt - I see no ads because I run an ad blocker. According to this, the ads it blocks here come from four sources:,, and

Hoping this helps!
Paul, London, UK
05/11/2019 23:21
to all who write here all these funny comments... when you open the article, do you see an advertising? i live in Moscow and i see an advertising for an 18+ Film, - S e x D o l l-. I clicked onto the link and it comes to an i would call it not to nice film. Together with one not to nice picture. Maybe that is the reason? Advertising is country specific? what advertising do you see? if any. By the way it is only on the first page.This is already the 19th or 20th comment, meaning also a second page. There is no advertising at all.During the DAY i also see a different advertising. Clothes and shoes and the likes. That - S e x D o l l ad is only late night early morning. it is 5.30 in the morning in Moscow, so by 6 it should be replaced with something else. WHO is placing this ads? SibTimes? An outside company? Google?Yahoo? Whoever, that we do not know?
MORAK Benedikjt, Moscow
04/11/2019 08:33
Why for the love of me would Facebook Unpublish The Siberian Times
What did they do wrong....besides sharing their captures of their amazing landscapes
Johanna, South Africa
03/11/2019 14:27
Love Siberian Times Facebook is for those who live life vicariously.
Vuki, Kamloops Canada
03/11/2019 10:22
Facebook is corrupt, its money mad, & it is an imposter. Zuckerberg should be paying Siberian Times damages for stealing & for breach of copyright. Siberian Times you're still a class act to me.
Jaker, Dundalk
03/11/2019 04:29
Spero sia un errore di Facebook. Ho segnalato come bug.
Brogin Maria Cristina, Italia
02/11/2019 15:47
I'm surprised why facebook did so.
I would read you here till facebook correct this outrage
Luis Àlvarez Martí, Espanya
02/11/2019 03:59

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