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'The 3am stop at a remote station miles from home is a moment you will remember for the rest of your life.'
Jon Pearson (Telegraph Online)

Siberians mark end of the snow season with annual swimsuit skiing day

By The Siberian Times reporter
18 April 2016

Locals undress to impress at resorts across four time zones.

From Kemerovo region to Pacific Siberians took part in swimsuit skiing day. Picture: Georgy Shishkin

The largest bikini snow show was at Sheregesh, which already holds the world record of 1,835 downhill skiers and boarders wearing swimwear. The Kemerevo region resort probably had more participants this year - an estimated 2,000 - but this was not an official record attempt. 

An end to the ski reason was also marked the same way at Sobolinaya Gora resort in in Irktusk region, close to Lake Baikal. Here hundreds took part but on the Pacific Island of Sakhalin there was a variation on the theme. 






An end to the ski reason was marked at worls famous Sheregesh resort in Kemerovo region and at Sobolinaya Gora resort in in Irktusk region. Pictures: Georgy Shishkin, Alexey Shmidt

Here skiers came downhill banya-style, wearing towels or white sheets as if just out of the sauna. Many carried bundles of birch-twigs, traditionally used by Russians to thwack the skin, so improving circulation. 

Experienced skier Sergey Klimov, 54, said: 'I and my friends began to try such downhill runs about 15 years ago. We even skied naked some years.' 

On Sakhalin skiers came downhill banya-style, wearing towels or white sheets as if just out of the sauna. Pictures: Sakhalin-Info

Sakhalin skiing

Sakhalin skiing

Sakhalin skiing

Sakhalin skiing

Sakhalin skiing

Comments (4)

Wow, an "oh la la" from France, the home of Chamonix! I am very impressed...:-), as I also certainly was at the spectacular natural surroundings when I had the very special opportunity to visit Chamonix (not to ski sadly that particular time). Sorry to everyone if it is the natural surroundings that I tend to have eyes for...:-).

I certainly agree, thanks for sharing this article and ski on mes amies..............
Pamela Tetarenko, League City, USA
21/04/2016 21:03
Oh là là ! I've never seen so many beautiful girls on the slopes at the end of the snow season in E-U.Sorry boys if I only have eyes for girls in their bathing suit.

Thanks for your article.
François de La Grange, Aix- en- Provence France
20/04/2016 15:37
I agree with Benedikt, I think people from all around the world would love to join with you. When I first read the article, I thought, "is this Lake Louise, Alberta or Telluride, Colorado?...:-). A love of nature and sense of adventure are wonderful characteristics to share in common. I have spring-skied in shorts but not quite brave enough to do so in a bathing suit. Great job and I really like that turquoise one-piece...:-).
Pamela Tetarenko, League City, USA
19/04/2016 20:08
should have posted an announcement a week or two in advance. for sure people from Moscow would have been happy to be there. not more snow here.....
Benedikt, Moscow
19/04/2016 10:47

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